Water Water Water

As part of the Foresight Journey you have to adopt an organic diet. We are currently eating 80% organic but, struggling with the cost side so my next post will be on cheaper organic food. However, you also should limit caffeine  alcohol, soda etc and drink more FILTERED water. 

Now I am a diet coke addict I don’t drink coffee and if I am tired could easily drink one litre of diet coke in one day. Since starting this programme that has all changed and it is water only with fruit teas and the odd cup of normal tea. 

How have I found this? The first few days without coke were hard. People say you get addicted to coke I obviously was, I thought about coke all the time and actually could imagine myself drinking it. Clearly I had been drinking too much. However, three weeks in I do not miss it at all. However, I do find myself craving water its really bizarre. Even my morning cup of tea I have to have with a large glass of water. I drink gallons of the stuff. Don’t get me wrong it can get a bit boring but, I squeeze lime or lemon juice for added flavor. 

As the programme goes if this is just one change people think they could make, I would thoroughly recommend it. My skin is clearer, my energy levels are more constant. I went out one day last week and did have a few diet cokes and felt awful the next day. Its amazing the impact one change can have on your body. 


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