First step – blood tests.

The whole concept of Foresight is fairly new to me. When fertility treatment started to become a possibility for us I have always been drawn to more eastern ideologies rather than western. Partly because I have had two gynecological cancer scares in the last two years and I know there is a slightly increased risk with Clomid, but, primarily because I only have one Fallopian tube (my right was removed a few years ago and a whole other story). I know that Clomid does provide problems in relation to cysts and my biggest fear is getting one in my left tube.(The Infertility Cure: The Ancient Chinese Programme for getting pregnant by Randine Lewis is an interesting read for anyone who would like a comparison between eastern and western treatments.)

Foresight is a charity who have done a lot of research into natural fertility. I found their book in our local Neal’s yard and was so impressed at their success rates for infertile couples and miscarriage rates that I gave them a call. They sent me through a detailed pack. I was slightly concerned that there isn’t a foresight practitioner in my local area but, the charity assured me that they have designed it to be followed as a distant programme. The first steps appears to be a trip to your local GUM clinic to rule out any issues. I promptly booked a trip.

Now my husband bless him is very used to any number of crazy ideas I have drawn up in relation to fertility. Believe me I have clung to any idea from crystals to fertility spells. So something with a scientific basis was a welcome relief to him. When he saw the success rates he was keen to give it a go. We are due to start Clomid later in the year s so figured if nothing else it would be good to get us into order prior to that.

We headed up to our local clinic in a slightly stressed frame of mind, I had managed to scrape our car that morning. To be honest I had no idea what to expect. I know in this day and age you are supposed to be tested regularly for everything but, I had never really had a need. I don’t know what I really expected but, the staff were very helpful. I went into see the  first nurse who did a series of tests and everything went very smoothly. I was then sent for the blood tests.

The nurse in charge of blood tests was a bit of a dragon to be honest and immediately informed me that this was not her normal job but, no-one else was here, (which filled me with confidence). She then proceeded to make me look like a pin cushion whilst she attempted to get  blood out of me. Blood taken I then headed back out to the waiting room to find a very very pale husband!! It turns out my 6 foot 2 rugby playing husband is terrified of giving blood and has managed to survive 37 years without ever having to do it. Luckily, the original nurse for the first set of tests had seen him go slightly pale at the mention of it and had taken pity and very neatly taken the blood there and then, so he had not had to face the dragon lady. I consider about pointing out the number of blood tests I had had in our fertility process but, thought now probably wasn’t the time.

All in all a very easy experience and nowhere near as daunting as imagined. We just need to wait for our results in 14 days and then it is down to sending our hair sample off for our foresight report.


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    Updated on this all tests clear so just need to send off hair samples. X

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